Medical Cost Analysis

A "snap-shot" of current/future medical care needs
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The Medical Cost Analysis can assist you with determining an estimation of future damages for mediation/settlement conferences, setting reserves, case strategies, and/or negotiating a case.

The Medical Cost

Analysis Includes:

An Overview of A Medical Cost Analysis
Often helpful early in a case, the Medical Cost Analysis is a highly abbreviated version of a life care plan and considered a “snap shot” of future medical needs. Below is a list of what is included:

Review of all medical and billing records provided, expert reports, depositions, and interrogatory responses (if shared)


Research and identification of current and projected medical and non-medical needs.


Detailed narrative report summarizing medical history and treatment to date (optional)


Itemized tables outlining projected future medical and non-medical care with associated charges based upon your specific needs (e.g., workers' compensation fee schedule, usual & customary fees)


Ability of report to be converted to a Medicare Set-Aside Allocation or Life Care Plan (additional information will be requested)

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