Northeast Life Care Planning

Comprehensive case management and nurse life care planning services

Assessing and projecting future care needs and costs

Legal Nurse Consulting

Our certified legal nurse consultants are ready to assist you with your complex medical files. Our wide variety of services can be tailored to suit your individualized needs.  Start your case with us today. We’ll put you on the right direction.

Nurse Life Care Planning

Northeast Life Care Planning (NLCP®) services may include development of a comprehensive Life Care Plan or a thorough review of the opposing counsel’s plan. Let our certified nurse life care planners help you outline future medical damages.

Medicare Set-Aside

Medicare is now enforcing a 1981 federal statute, the Medicare Secondary Payer Act (MSP), requiring Medicare’s interests be taken into consideration when settling claims.  Our Certified Medicare Set-Aside consultants are ready to help you comply.

Medical Cost Analysis

A Medical Cost Analysis is a highly abbreviated version of a life care plan and considered a “snap shot” of future medical care needs and associated costs related to a specific injury or illness.

Retrospective Bill Review/Value of Care

Our certified nurse life care planners will review past billing and/or medical records to help determine reasonableness of charges and/or value of care received


Case Management

Our certified nurse case mangers have decades of experience providing medical case management services for individuals who are suffering from acute, chronic, or catastrophic related injuries.

Respect for

Human Dignity

Northeast Life Care Planning (NLCP®)

Northeast Life Care Planning (NLCP®) offers high quality, comprehensive consulting and case management  services that are tailored to meet your specific needs in a personal, timely, and cost effective manner.

Our mission is to utilize the highest standards of integrity and competence when providing consulting, cost projections and case management services to the medical, legal and insurance industry, as well as the healthcare consumer.

As Certified Nurse Life Care Planners (CNLCP®), we develop and review plans of care for individuals with catastrophic and/or chronic health care conditions such as:


Traumatic/Acquired Brain Injury


Spinal Cord Injury


Birth Injuries


Cerebral Palsy






Orthopedic Injuries


Aging Related Disability


Organ Transplant


Chronic Pain



Our Values & Principles

All nurse consultants working for Northeast Life Care Planning (NLCP®) hold national certifications specific to their specialty practice and are committed to life-long learning.

Our certified nurses are held to the highest standards of integrity and adhere to published Code of Ethics specific to nursing and nursing specialty practice.
Our certified nurses are personally accountable for their judgments, opinions, and actions and utilize well-accepted principles in nursing, nurse life care planning, case management, and legal nurse consulting. The individual’s State Nurse Practice Act governs all professional nursing practice.
Our certified nurses remain impartial and approach all aspects of their specific specialty (e.g., life care planning, case management, legal nurse consulting) without bias.
Respect for Human Dignity
Our certified nurses practice with compassion and caring, focusing on what is important to individuals as human beings when they are dealing with life changing challenges. They understand that each individual has a unique set of values and beliefs and deserve a dignified and respectful approach to care.

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